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HUD's Enterprise Income Verification System

In recent RHIIP Listserv #416, HUD explains that, due to technical difficulties, the New Hires, Employment and Unemployment information in EIV will not be updated in November 2018 and in December 2018.

Information about Social Security income will not be affected. Managers will still use EIV to verify Social Security Income for HUD programs. (EIV will be updated to show the 2019 COLA increase in December.)

For employment and unemployment income, refer to HH 4350.3 R1, Change 4, Paragraphs 5-12 through 5-18 for information about how to verify information used on HUD Form 50059.

Managers may also refer to information about the FAST Act for an explanation of how certification requirements for Fixed-income Families has changed.  A Fixed-income Family is defined as a family with income and at least 90% of that income is from a fixed income source (e.g. Social Security, VA Disability, etc.).

The Existing Tenant Search, and most of the EIV Master File Reports will not be affected.

Owner/agents must continue to review the EIV Existing Tenant Search for all household members before approving any move-in.  

Owner/agents must continue to review the EIV Master Files as required by HUD:

  1. Identity Verification Reports each month
  2. Multiple Subsidy Report at least each quarter unless your company requires monthly review
  3. Deceased Tenant Report at least each quarter unless your company requires monthly review
  4. New Hires Report at least each quarter unless your company requires monthly review

It appears as if no new information regarding "New Hires" will be provided in November and December. If reviewing reports reviewed during November and December, make a note or attach a copy of the RHIIP ListServ to explain that data was not updated in November or December.

Income Reports should also be reviewed to determine compliance with HUD Requirements. These reports include:

  1. Income Summary Report (at least until all household members are verified)
  2. Income Report
  3. Income Discrepancy Report

EIV Income Reports are reviewed 1.) within 90 days of submission of any new move-in or the addition of any new family member and 2.) when preparing any AR or IR.

Include a note or a copy of the RHIIP ListServ in the tenant file to explain that employment and unemployment information was not updated in November and December.

HUD has not indicated that OAs will need to go back and review information when the technical issues are addressed. Owner/agents should continued to comply with their EIV Use Policy explaining when each report is reviewed. (HUD RHIIP Listserv)

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