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Dangerous Tax Bill Moves Forward And Must Be Stopped

Dangerous Tax Bill Moves Forward
And Must Be Stopped
Take Action TODAY!

Congress is in the final stages of passing major tax legislation, H.R. 1, that has serious negative implications for older adults and aging services providers. We are opposed to its passage. We urge Congress to defeat this legislation and find better solutions for older Americans.

The House and Senate have each passed their own version of H.R. 1 and are now starting a House/Senate Conference Committee to iron out their differences. Both bills are bad for older adults. At risk are the medical expense tax deduction, private activity bonds and advance refunding, and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.

In addition, the bill could pave the way for big cuts to Medicare and Medicaid resulting from the $1.5 trillion cost of the bill. Congress should stop this bill and start anew to find solutions that will work for older adults.

Now is the time to act. Let your Senators and Representative know that H.R. 1 will hurt the health and wellness of older adults.

This legislation is moving fast, we need YOU to take action today!


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  1. Dial this toll-free number: 844-383-2590.

  2. Feel free to use the sample script below when you talk to the staff person who answers the phone.

  3. After talking with the staff person, do not hang up. Allow the staff person to hang up, and the automated system will then connect you to your next lawmaker.

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